”Schomberg & Co. offers real estate advice marked by the experience of many years and profound market expertise in a time when good advice is precious and of particular significance.“

Schomberg & Co. was formed in March 2010. With their expertise of more than 30 years in the real estate business, the partners of Schomberg & Co. created a new consultancy platform that specialises in the areas of investment strategy, fund management, and asset management.

Not least, the idea was to make our experience and personal skills available at a time of turmoil on the world’s financial and real estate markets. Our ambition is to provide value-added to our clients’ business even and especially during challenging times.

The company relies on its in-depth know-how of international real estate markets and an extensive network of real estate professionals to engage in activities everywhere, but specifically across Europe.

Core Competences

Our core competences include tailored solutions in the following areas:


Collaboration Areas

Schomberg & Co. maintains long-standing trust-based relations to competent collaborating partners, specifically in the following areas:

  • Taxes, legal, and capital funding
  • Risk management, real estate valuations, and due diligence
  • Asset management
  • Real estate transactions
  • Architecture and civil engineering

In line with our holistic service approach, we combine the output of various specialist fields to generate value-added for our clients.